ecause we are aware that leadership is earned, not received, we help companies create leaders that act from the spirit of being, not seeming.

  • Executive, personal and corporate Coaching, applied to Leadership development (individual and teams), to the improvement of management (individual and teams), to integration (individual) and to career transition (individual).

  • Creation, setting up and consolidation of High Performance Teams, using Group or Team Coaching as base methodology. Teams and their leaders are provided with tools making them more efficient by helping them work in more complex, multicultural or remote environments.

  • We design tailored programmes for the development of managerial and leadership skills from the coaching approach. The approximation we handle in our programmes is purely based on experience, since we intend for the participants to develop actual skills, not simple techniques and/or procedures; the difference is quite significant. We facilitate the use of the participants’ own experience to subsequently take it “beyond” instead of starting from an ideal and theoretical sense of how they should be doing things. The result of this approach is that we support and encourage the natural learning process that we all follow when acquiring and developing skills.

  • CreditCoaching:This formula provides a limited package of one-hour sessions (10 sessions) with a Senior Coach, be it in person, on the phone, or using a Web cam. Coaching sessions will be carried out only 24 hours after having requested the intervention. The sessions can be repeated with different persons according to the requirements of the company.

  • Sales School

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